Bianchi Intenso Tiagra

That colour. I saw a group of around fifty Bianchi riders as they descended from Ranmore Common, heading for Box Hill. The phalanx of celeste bikes was beautiful to behold.…


Bianchi Infinito CV Disc

There’s little doubt that stage five of the 2014 Tour de France was one of the most brutal of the race. Rain, mud, wind and cobbles ripped the field to…

Bianchi Oltre XR

Bianchi Oltre XR

CW tests the latest high end offering from Bianchi and its Oltre XR

Bianchi Camaleonte 3

Bianchi Camaleonte 3

Two hybrids from Bianchi and Wilier mix Italian flair with flat bars and relaxed gearing. So which one fired us up the most?

Bianchi Via Veloce

Bianchi Via Nirone 7

When it comes to bikes, you really can get something grand for a grand ? here?s the proof