Garmin aims to improve rider safety

It has been a busy week for Garmin. First it unveiled the world’s smallest GPS and followed this up by announcing its collaboration with Strava. Now Garmin claims to have developed the first-of-its-kind rear…


Strava and Garmin launch Strava Live Segments

Since 2009 riders have been using Strava segments to compete against themselves and, often, complete strangers. It is surprising how seeing the achievements of others can really spur you on…

Herne Hill Velodrome - Aerobike Vs Road.00_03_23_01.Still004

How much faster is an aero bike? (video)

Top end road bikes can be broadly split into two categories, aero bikes and lightweight climbing bikes. Aero bikes such as the Giant Propel, Merida Reacto and Cervelo S5 are…

Vector 2

Garmin Vector 2 power meter pedals unveiled

Garmin Vectors may not have been the first pedal-based power meters, but they have certainly been the most widely adopted since they were launched back in 2013. Hot on the…

Garmin VIRB front

Garmin announces two new action cams (Video)

Garmin first waded into the GoPro dominated action cam market with the Virb Elite. It had several novel features including the ability to overlay ride data over your video, but…