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Fluoro, Tech trends 2014

2014 tech trends

We’ve been grilling cycling industry insiders to find out what they’re getting most excited about when they think ahead to the new year

Mark Cavendish

Mark Cavendish: unfinished business

Mark Cavendish had one of his best-ever years in 2013 with highlights including the Tour of Qatar, the points jersey and five stages in the Giro d’Italia plus two stages…

Junior track world championships

Can music help you train harder?

Staying motivated can be hard, but can playing the right tunes keep you pushing on? Andrew Hamilton explores...


Q&A: when to stop and rest?

Andy has perfect weather all year round, but when do you stop and take a rest? Rob Mortlock discusses

Jack Thurston

Guest Column: Jack Thurston

The author of Lost Lanes: 36 Glorious Bike Rides in Southern England brings a cheery face to cycling on the darkest days of the year

Detraining illustrations

Detraining: The truth about losing fitness

What really happens to your cycling fitness if you're forced to take an extended break from the saddle? Physiologist Andrew Hamilton explains the consequences of the time off the bike