Hannah Reynolds

Bernie Eisel riding in the wind

Former pro Roger Hammond explains how to deal with strength-sapping gusts

Riding no hands eating feed

Whether it’s to unwrap an energy bar or put on your jacket when it starts raining, being able to take your hands off the bars and sit up on the…

Wiggins Tour de France time trial by Watson

Endurance cycling is an exercise in managing your finite energy reserves. Finishing an event with energy to spare suggests you rode too conservatively; struggling or even failing to finish suggests…

August 13 cover

Cycling Weekly August 13 2015 issue on sale from Thursday priced £2.99 News Yorkshire racing under threat WorldTour continues apace Cav and Wiggo back on track What to do this…

Cycling Weekly June 11 2015 issue

Cycling Weekly magazine June 11 issue is on sale from Thursday, priced £2.99

Cycling Weekly June 4 2015 issue

Cycling Weekly June 4 issue on sale from Thursday priced £2.99