Kenny Pryde

Tenerife the next cycling mecca?

Mike Cuming: how the East was won

Mike Cuming (Rapha Condor JLT) won the Tour of Korea, a UCI ranked 2.2 eight-stage race. Not bad for a 23 year old. How did he manage it?

Lance Armstrong

Comment: Lance Armstrong versus Le Monde

In an exclusive Lance Armstrong interview with French newspaper Le Monde, someone on the paper did a bit of selective quoting and media manipulation on the eve of the Tour.…

Laurent Jalabert, World Champs 2012

Laurent Jalabert: the jig is up

French national hero, France2 cycling commentator Laurent Jalabert, former World number one has been named as an EPO positive... in the 1998 Tour

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How technology & physiology changed

Back in 1994 Cycling Weekly sent a guinea pig to take a Kingcycle test with Dr Richard Davison. After 19 years we do the same test. Kenny Pryde looks at…