Michael Hutchinson

Lars-Petter Nordhaug wins Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal 2012

Dr. Hutch: lone wolf

Now that everyone's a proper cyclist, how can you be a Lycra'd lone wolf? Wonders the Doc

Dr. Hutch: Piegate

Dr. Hutch: off season

As the off-season begins, the Doc breaks open the ampoules of Dairy milk he's been stashing in the back of his fridge

Dr. Hutch

Dr. Hutch: the future…

The Doc envisions a future where the bunch glides down an Alpine decent in pedal-powered aeroplanes..

Dr. Hutch, winter training

Dr. Hutch: cycling haters

Cyclist hater Alan Brazil is the perfect man to emulate when it comes to dealing with any type of bike rider you dislike, reckons the Doc

Dr Hutch

Dr. Hutch: in my absence

Dr Hutch is away this week. Instead, we bring you this appeal, by a senior member of the British Association of Slightly Batty Right-Wing Newspaper Columnists.