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Simpson Memorial 2014 Donny chaingang

CW meets: The Donny Chain Gang

- When – Sunday 
February 23 - Where – Three counties, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire - The occasion – The Tom Simpson Memorial Ride If South Yorkshire and North…


Chris Parkinson: true training hardman

A s well as stories of great champions, for whom winning races seems a logical progression, cycling is full of amateur riders like Chris Parkinson. He was a good rider,…

David Brailsford

50 Things That Changed Cycling

Chris Sidwells picks the people, trends, initiatives and inventions that he thinks have changed cycling.

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Tales from the bike-fitters

CW asked some bike-fit experts what mistakes they see resulting from customer's attempts to set up their own bike position. What are the commonest pitfalls to abode? Chris Sidewells investigates.