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Designed for those who ride in a more aggressive position, we got to grips with the Specialized Romin Pro saddle

Dolan Ares SL bike review: a racy ride with sensible geometry, we tested the latest offering from Dolan

Cycling Weekly magazine March 5 issue on sale from Thursday priceed £2.99

When it comes to tyre width, what we really want to know is: does size really matter or is it what you do with it that counts?

What's the best way to shed surplus kilos and get back to your racing weight? David Bradford separates the junk fads from the nutritional gold nuggets

Cycling Weekly magazine February 26 2015 issue on sale from Thursday priced £2.99

Cycling Weekly magazine February 19 2015 issue on sale from Thursday priced £2.99

You won't find as many long climbs in the UK as you will on the Continent, but when you hit one you want to be in a position to conquer…

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The latest video from freerider Andi Wittmann opens with the German thrill-seeker traipsing uphill carrying what does not appear to be a lightweight bike over his shoulders. That is about…

Christmas is gone and many cyclists are already dreaming of spring, but winter isn't ready to release its grip just yet. It's time to get off-road to keep the training…

Cycling Weekly magazine February 5 2015 issue is on sale from Thursday priced £2.99