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Lose weight the right way

Lose weight the NHS way

The NHS has warned people to, “stop pouring money down the drain” with fad diets that emerge every new year, and instead suggested people follow their own 12-week weight loss…

Helen Wyman on her way to Bronze in the World 2014 Cyclo-cross champs

Helen Wyman reflects on World Cyclo-cross bronze

On Saturday, Helen Wyman achieved Britain’s best result in the World Cyclo-cross Championships since 2000 when she finished third. The 32-year-old and eight-time British National Champion in the discipline yesterday…

Fat tyres the new thin?

Tyre trends set to change?

What, exactly, is the point of thin cycle tyres? Not at lot, it turns out. It rather depends what’s meant by ‘thin’. The tyres on most road bikes look excessively…

Train the Albert Einstein way

Louise Mahe examines the words of Albert Einstein to see how they can help sports performance today