Cycle Sport’s Our Man in the Bunch series ran through the 2012 season, to popular acclaim. An anonymous professional rider sent us a series of dispatches from the peloton, covering all subjects from money, through media to management and more. We reproduce the series here.

Words by Our Man in the Bunch

Illustrations by Simon Scarsbrook

1: Turning professional Cycle Sport April 2012

2: Race programmes Cycle Sport May 2012

3: Planes, trains and automobiles Cycle Sport June 2012

4: Pro cycling myths Cycle Sport July 2012

5: The Tour de France Cycle Sport Summer 2012

6: Money Cycle Sport August 2012

7: The media Cycle Sport October 2012

8: Team managers Cycle Sport November 2012

9: Tactics (i) Cycle Sport December 2012

10: Tactics (ii) Cycle Sport January 2013

11: Personalities Cycle Sport February 2013

12: Stress Cycle Sport March 2013