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The start of Tour de France is but a few days away. Are you excited? We are! And because we are in such a celebratory mood, we are giving away…


Which cycling magazine is right for you?

Cycling Weekly Cycling Weekly has been the number one source for UK and world cycling news since 1891. With a new look to the magazine for 2015, CW will continue…


Ten best Father’s Day gifts for cycling dads

Socks. You can’t live without ‘em and dad will expect to receive some every Christmas and birthday. Why not extend the sock-giving to Father’s Day with these short herringbone city…


UK brand Torm launches women’s jersey range

Despite the funny “o” in its name, Torm is based in Broadstairs, Kent and has been selling men’s cycling jerseys since 2010. Now it has launched a women’s range to…