Can topping the WorldTour standings ever be described as the definitive ranking of riders?

Alejandro Valverde was once again rewarded for his incredible consistency this year, but it never really feels like riders are fairly rewarded for their season-long efforts.

For example, André Greipel finished 24th, despite a year of dominating the sprints, while Rigoberto Urán was ranked nine places higher, having won just once in 2015. And what about those who’ve shown great promise or come so close to glory but barely figure on the results sheet?

Then there’s the fact it is a male-only ranking. As a result, Cycling Weekly and Cycle Sport have come up with who we believe are the best 100 riders in the world right now.

Consistency in big events — à la Valverde — is one factor, but age, number of wins, personality, and future prospects were taken into consideration too.

As with any subjective ranking, it’s all entirely debatable and we admit there is probably an anglophone bias to our picks too. Still, at least those at the top won’t have to dress up in suits and attend a tedious, end-of-season ceremony when they’d clearly rather be on the beach.

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  • Riggah

    “I know, you have to be politically correct”
    No, they don’t have to be. There is a cure for it. It’s called ‘common sense’.

  • Glyn Whiting

    Your kidding me. Nibali at only 23 ! And Kittel at 84 ! Have you guys actually watched any of this season ?

  • Nick Clark

    Both the Yates above Chaves? Wouldn’t have anything to do with this being a UK blog of course…

  • Adam

    the big shame here is Contador being under placed under Aru. He made Aru his bitch in the Giro. Tears and all.

  • Adam

    Im not mad at Sagan being #1 on this list, he’s going to get better and better in the coming years. He’s only 25 and hasn’t hit his peak by pro cycling standards. He just needs to put some classics under his belt and he’s the best all around for sure.

  • Adam

    I guess when you hang on to team cars up climbs you get knocked down in rankings lol

  • CSM

    Great comments ! Thanks !

  • David Sundheim

    I am straight up done with this site. And this time I will stay away. Every time I swear it off, come back to poke around, then a piece like this is posted and I am reminded why I swore CW so many times before.

    Last goodbye

  • David Sundheim

    For sure Nibali should be higher than Fabian. Sure they both had a down year from their expectations, but Cancellara crashed out of his biggest moments of the season… And like you said his career is almost over Nibali has a much brighter outlook.

  • David Sundheim

    Exactly what I was thinking… I like phinney but he was injured most of the season. Don’t you have to race some to earn a rank that high? Or is having an entertaining social media network enough? Because that would also explain Gerraint Thomas. GT at #7 are you kidding me? How in heck do you put him above Kristoff, or Degenkolb and expect do be taken seriously? I mean what next… Thor Hushovd at # 88 because he wrote a book?

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    The UCI rankings say otherwise. Valverde is the best all arounder and he PEROVES it with results which translate into points and into his 1st place.

  • 박준수

    No way….

  • Jhoan Diaz Ceballos

    kiryirnka 85… Dumoulin 6….? Are you serious?

  • ummm…

    Holy cow. I didn’t read this, but it must have been a fair bit of work, or at least brainstorming over pints. Maybe I’ll read it over the holidays

  • LaShea Parks

    Sagan is #1 because he is the best all around rider. He is not a pure sprinter, but has beaten sprinters and come in 2nd to the world’s greatest sprinters, literally by inches in photo finishes, a lot. He is not a climber, but has out climbed the world’s best climbers in short bursts. He has won time trials, and he won the Tour of California by coming in 6th on Mt. Baldy which is seriously steep. He continues to win the green jersey in Le Tour despite their best effort to stop him with rule changes. He did that by getting into, and staying in breakaways, to get points thus expending a lot of energy. Then, he still contested for the sprint at the end. He was also riding for Contador with basically no lead out train like the other sprinters. Then, he did a little thing like winning the WC. I was there and he attacked on the steepest part of the circuit and left the field, climbers and sprinters, in the dust. This is why he is #1.

  • Ricardo Brágimo Villalba

    Joaquim “Purito” #39? Please…

  • Maarten Bressinck

    Wait, is this list based on the current level of the riders mentioned in the list or is it based on overall career achievements?

    Any way how can Geraint Thomas be ahead of Contador? How can Tom Boonen be number 35 knowing that he hasn’t performed anything major in the past few years. How can Greg Van Avermaet be number 36 after being one of the most consistent riders in the peloton this season and winning a TDF stage?

  • Stryder T.A

    Trying to work out how this list was put together, how strong was the LSD? Because looking at that list somebody was certainly trippin

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    I know, you have to be politically correct, but again, COME ON! In what objective way is Lizzy Armistead better than every male rider on the planet except for Peter Sagan? In what way is Pauline Prevot better than every male rider on the planet save for Sagan and Froome?

    In what way is Peter Sagan, the guy who hardly ever actually wins anything, the best rider on the planet? Better than Froome who has grand tour victories? Yes, Sags is the World Champ, but I hardly see that as enough to make him the #1 in the world.

    Tom Dumoulin lost the Vuelta, you know? Yes, he was a “feel good story” but this story ended with him getting blown away at the end by pretty much everyone who matters. So how is Doom #6 but one the guys who blew him away is a distant #19? The #19 guy podiumed at the Vuelta and won a TdF stage.

  • Marek Galaktifus

    Seriously?Leopold Konig and Roman Kreuziger are where?idiots

  • bomba

    Brilliant. Can just imagine the team meeting;
    “So, Kiryienka – World Champion, won a stage of the Giro, sat on the front of the peloton for most of the Vuelta and the Giro… what do we reckon?”
    “Stick him 20 positions below the kid on Team Wiggins”

  • Ove Simonsen

    Lizzie in front of PFP, who currently holds 3 World titles???? ..Ahh wait I know!!…PFP neither speaks english nor does she ride for team Sky.

  • John Senior

    Firstly number 1 can only be Pauline Ferrand Prevot – who else has been world champion on the road, cyclo cross and MTB? Secondly the list is Sky/ Brit centric – how is G ( who is a great rider but has not yet delivered against his potential) higher than Chavez who is younger and based on ‘now’ ought to be higher up. Thirdly how can Laura Trott ( given you’re including ability on the track – I wouldn’t given no one except a Brit would view winning on the track when the genuine opposition is limited to about three countries as even being on a par with CX/ MTB let alone the road) is only 72nd ?. Thirdly why no Nino Schurter/ Jerome Absalom? ( that’ll be because in general GB have a crap record of MTB success – Nicole Cook excepted- but surely MTB is at least as demanding and competitive than the track?) Fourthly- bound to be subjective but if you’re going to do it it would be good to do it properly.

  • Mahleriano

    Nibali has won a “Monument”, 4th at the TdF, winning also a Stage.
    What Cancellara,Thomas,Doumulin,Kwiatko, Porte (lol) in 2015 have done to deserve a place ahead of him? Cancellara is a better future prospect than Nibali lol? is the concept that Thomas is going to win Tour/Giro/Vuelta based on?And if we consider the career he’s the second/third rider of his generation and yet,considering all the factors he’s behind older people or people who have won less. The ranking is based on randomness and on nationality which seems more determinant than results

  • Rui Tavares

    This must be some joke xD

  • Richard S

    If this is the 100 greatest cyclists ‘right now’ why is age and future potential taken into account? The two things are separate. And Taylor Phinney that high? What has he won apart from the race for great genetics?

  • Rob


  • noob_sauce

    Calling it now. Kasia Niewadoma is going to be the next big thing in women’s cycling in a few years. It’s a crime she’s not on this list.

  • Đoni

    Seriously? Tis is the best you can do?