Whatever your level of road cycling, there's always room for improvement. You may be happy with your recent times, but feel like you can step up to the next level,…

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The World’s financial position may be difficult to predict at the moment, with both the economies at home and in the Eurozone suffering much over the last few years. This…

On Your Bike

If they weren’t Olympic cyclists, what are the other two-wheeled options for these British sporting greats? And how much would you insure them for?

Evans Cycles brand advice, mountain biking

If you’re gearing up for your first mountain bike race, it pays to ensure you prepare fully before you embark on your next cycling step. Here Evans Cycles gives you…


We all have our favourite teams and our favourite kits, but which will always stand the test of time? Here we’ve got a rundown of the most iconic.

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We all know how demanding a sport it can be. That's why we do it. The adrenaline hit from pushing your body to the limit. The satisfaction and achievement that…


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