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Road stars of today trained and race on the track

British Cycling to return to track roots

Great Britain’s recent success on the road has presented national team managers with a problem: how do they attract the current crop of talented young British riders onto the boards.…


The rise of
 cycle cafes

The march of British cycle cafes seems irrepressible. According to CW calculations, of the 40 or so cafes we’ve featured in our occasional cafe guides, 14 opened in 2013, with…

Video: Disc brake road bikes

Video: Disc brake road bikes

Disc brakes have been prevalent in the off-road world for years, but their emergence on the road bike scene is a much newer phenomenon. That said, disc brakes are making…


Dr. Hutch: TV cameras

This week, a break from this column’s normal contents of cynicism and reactionary mud-slinging. The UCI is contemplating allowing TV cameras on bikes. This is a brilliant idea. It’s trivial…