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Beat the sugar addiction

Sugar. It’s everywhere. From the sweet syrup lacing your morning coffee to the soft cheese on your toast (often made from sugar-sweetened bread), the white stuff has slowly sneaked its…

Jason Kenny sprint winner, Revolution Series round 3 2014

Revolution series to conclude in London

The Revolution series will conclude next month [March 14/15] spanning two days at the London Velodrome. The two-day programme will include a GB v rest of the World Madison, a…

Women's season

2014 women’s pro racing season preview

In 2014, women’s cycling might just have found its saviour. It’s not a man or a woman, at least not directly, nor is it a rider or a race. It’s…

David Brailsford

50 Things That Changed Cycling

Chris Sidwells picks the people, trends, initiatives and inventions that he thinks have changed cycling.