Explore Wiltshire Maps

18th October 2010 One of the nicest of the UK's counties to explore now has cycling maps to download for free. Visit Wiltshire launches a range of maps for all…

Scouting For Girls / Matt Lamy

17th October 2010 "We’re not quite sure who came up with the idea of riding from London to Brighton on Chopper-style bikes. Nobody’s done that before, and now we know…

HRH Prince of Wales

16th October 2010 Even the heir to the throne is getting on the cycling bandwagon, although in HRH's case the trips between Brompton photo ops were powered by the Royal

Vin Cox Genesis

16th October 2010 Unlike previous record attempts that have tended to use purpose-built touring machines, the steel-framed Genesis Croix de Fer is a standard-spec cyclo-cross bike.

Frome Cobble Wobble 2010

15th October 2010 Continental-style passion as Frome starts the hill-climb season with a sprint through its cobbled streets.

Cycling Active Law

14th October 2010 Doh! Two juvenile offenders on cycling proficiency training in Salford make a bid for freedom on the mountain bikes they've been given.

Charge Filter Mid 2011

It's the season for maximum activity on the bike launch front. Matt Lamy previews 2011 new range offerings from Trek, Charge, Focus, Felt, Pace & Specialized.

Cycle To Work Scheme Hannah Holden

Rebecca Charlton delves into recent changes to the UK government's Cycle to Work Scheme. Have they messed it up? Or is there still value for cyclists and employers?

Hope Vision 2

Rebecca Charlton tries a Magnificent Seven high-powered front lights that are tough enough to survive the darkest lanes and meanest streets.

Gill Moon Hip Hip Hooray

10th October 2010 Meet 65-year-old Gill Moon who had a double hip surgery and has now cycled 425Km around India.

Mavic Ksyrium Elite 2011

9th October 2010 For riders looking for their first wheel upgrade, the Ksyrium Elite is the initial port of call. Benefiting from machined rims that help reduce all-up weight to…

Kilo to Go Geoff Saxon

8th October 2010 "There was always this contingent of hardcore sportive riders who talked about wanting mega-tough challenges, but we actually think that caused a bit of confusion."

Nicola & Gareth Harries

8th October 2010 When we first met Gareth and Nicola Harries earlier this year, road cycling was a foreign discipline to them. They had used neither drop handlebars nor a…

Fiona Ford's Ride Mates

7th October 2010 Fiona Ford: "Although I wore headscarves to cover my baldness wearing a wig made me feel ‘normal’ as no one could tell I was ill."

Sydney cyclist / Getty Images

6th October 2010 It's lasted twenty years but researchers in Sydney say it may be time to repeal the Australian law that compels cyclists to wear helmets.

Cycling Active Law

5th October 2010 2010 The Daily Mail reports that Suffolk Police has handed out stolen bikes to repeat criminals in the hope that they would use them to go and

Boardman Bikes

4th October 2010 “As a new brand we are exploring all potential routes to market across all territories around the world,” said Andy Smallwood, Boardman’s director of operations.

Earls Court Cycle Show

21st September 2010 Only two more weeks to the Cycle Show at Earl's Court and it's going to be fun. There's every kind of bike and a great deal to…

Blenheim Sportive 2009

18th September 2010 Coming soon: a great day for all cyclists at Blenheim House in Gloucestershire. There are two lengths of sportive and the now-legendary Brompton World Championships.