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BMW Cruise

The cheapest way to own a BMW

14th September 2010 According to BMW, “The bike’s extraordinary colour was inspired by the legendary BMW 1802 from the 1970s." They're hedging their bets with quieter options, too.

AMR Brecon Sportive

New cycling species identified: meet the MAMIL

12th September 2010 The numbers of men aged 35-44 buying carbon-framed bicycles has rocketed in the last three years. “Is this a 21st-century mid-life crisis?" asks BBC.

my ride mates Ted Wren

my ride mates: Ted Wren

September 7th 2010 Meet Ted, aged 80: "They are my two regular cycling runs and if I miss one of those for any reason I go out and make up…

7 of the best indoor trainers

7 of the best: indoor trainers

2nd September 2010 Indoor trainers enable you to keep riding even when the weather outdoors is foul. You can concentrate on quality over quantity with a proper workout programme and…

Robin Hood Charity Ride 21st January 2011

Robin Hood Charity Ride 21st January 2011

1st September 2010 There's a fun ‘family scramble', completing as many laps as you like of a short route, with the longer distance of 36 miles heading off road into…

The Good Old Days

Bikes are back: up the revolution!

16th August 2010 The CTC says cycling is booming and far from being a grudging activity enforced by poverty it's the upper income brackets that are flocking to bikes

Genesis Day One Cross 2011

Genesis bikes get in early for 2011

15th August 2010 The uncluttered look of Genesis Bikes' Day One appealed to commuters so they've added an Alfine 8-speed version. There's also a fettle of the successful Equilibrium.

Boris Bikes

Boris launches hire bike scheme

15th August 2010 Following in the footsteps of the enormously successful Paris Vélib, London’s Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme has opened with great fanfare.


Foska: wacky jersey maker

1st May 2010 “We didn’t particularly want to emulate the Tour de France, especially when many Tour de France jerseys tended to promote things like aluminium gutter makers or supermarkets."