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bike we like: Specialized Langster £450

1st May 2010 Built around an A1 aluminium compact frame although for a £50 surcharge you could get yourself a far more retro, classic track-frame-shaped steel model.


Has SRAM hit its Apex?

23rd April 2010 Trek spokesman: "I think this is what is wanted by the average person who enjoys cycling but who perhaps doesn’t get to ride as much as they…


BUB strikes gold

24th April 2010 The International Forum Design (iF) said of the BUB: “It’s a city bike with a fresh outlook: for trend-conscious city dwellers, the Batavus BUB is exactly the…


dig this: Kiwi fruit

25th April 2010 Weight for weight, these hairy beauties contain more vitamin C than oranges and more fibre than apples. No wonder we love 'em.

Met Sine Thesis 1

Helmets made law in Jersey

26th April 2010 The vote for making helmets compulsory for under-18 cyclists was passed with 33 votes to 16, while the vote for adults was rejected 25 to 24.


Spycle touring

27th April 2010 Recently declassified documents reveal that MI5 suspected members of the Hitler Youth were sent to Britain on cycle-touring holidays with espionage in mind.


SRAM wheels out more new kit

28th April 2010 Despite their relatively low prices the new 2011 SRAM wheels come with some pretty impressive features, including specific rear spoke lacing and oversized alloy axles.

Brooks Gisela

Women’s riding: cycle chic in Cambridge

29th April 2010 A fashion event was held in Cambridge in March, inspired by the website Copenhagen Cycle Chic. There were stylish hats and high heels and that was just…


Don’t be shy, be safe

1st May 2010 According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, grovelling in the kerb is not the way forward if you want car drivers to take you 

Bicycle parking in front of the railway station at Delft, Holland

Going Dutch

1st July 2010 Britain needs to think Dutch and increase cycle parking at rail stations to five per cent of passenger use, says CTC, the national cyclists’ organisation. What’s that…