Matt Botrill, National 25, time trial

My week in training: Matt Bottrill

The surprise runner-up at the National Time Trial Championships talks Louise Mahé through his week of training building up to the big event

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Q&A: Brain haemorrhage recovery

Ian Bainbridge is looking to maintain fitness levels after a brain haemorrhage, Rob Mortlock gives advice on keep trim without the setbacks.

iliac artery furring, legs, cyclist, bike surgery, riding, high millage,

Is surgery a cure for iliac artery furring?

A pioneering keyhole surgery technique, which uses technology more commonly found in computer games, could treat a vascular menace that is striking down many high-mileage cyclists

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Q&A: get the work to rest ratio right

It is hard to tell yourself you need rest at the best of times, but during efforts how long do you recover for? BC coach Rob Mortlock tells Roger Williams

what type of rider are you?

What type of rider are you?

‘no man is an island' is an epithet that even applies to the Tour de France yellow jersey winner. He relies on a group of riders, each with different strengths…