James Golding

James Golding: Cycling survivor

Contracting cancer at 28 is devastatingly bad luck. For James Golding, it was just the start - he would cheat death again and again. Rebecca Charlton hears his incredible story…

Omega - 3, 6 and 9

Omega-3, 6 and 9: what do they mean?

The fatty acids of the omega family are essential for health but each of the three types is different and it's important to consume them in the right proportions. Cycling…

Don't let age slow you down

Don’t let age slow you down

As the years tick by and your birthday cake becomes a towering inferno, it's natural to start worrying about your cycling prowess. But as Andrew Hamilton explains, smart-training cyclists have…

Weight loss

Detraining: good or bad?

When we are forced to take time off the bike, what is the cost to our fitness? Andrew Hamilton investigates...

What Friends Are For

What friends are for

When Colin Knight’s wife Bev died of cancer his bike buddy Mike Jones knew what would help him deal with his grief. Aged 73 and 60 respectively they started cycle

Weight watching can be easy

Dodge winter weight gains

Fighting the urge to fill up on comfort food? Laura Tilt tells you how to prevent your waistline from expanding out of control this winter

Chris Hoy

Chris Hoy’s training tips

Great Britain's most decorated cyclist Chris Hoy talks to Rob Hicks about fitness, training and being the best

Commuting to work

Commuting: wasted miles?

Your ride to work can be an essential part of your training - but it could also be the very thing that is holding you back. Coach Oliver Roberts looks…

Team Sky and British Cycling

Nutrition: The Team Sky & BC way

It's amazing, given the amount of information out there, that riders are still getting bike nutrition wrong. But why? Rob Hicks talks to the experts about the best ways to…

Core stability - climbing and cornering

Core skills and fitness for cornering and climbing

As we head towards the winter months, Jo McRae encourages readers to focus on improving their core skills to get the most pleasure and satisfaction from their end-of-season riding

Protein power

The rebirth of protein

It's not just for bodybuilders. Upping the protein in your diet could help you control your appetite and become leaner

Corrine Hall

Racing is not training

Racing itself may be the raison d'être for many cyclists, but it's not the best way to see improvements in your fitness or technique, explains Helen Carter

Training Camps

Which training camp is best?

Many cyclists don't want to stop riding while on holiday. So they don't. here Symon Lewis explains the pros and cons of training camps