Omega - 3, 6 and 9

Omega-3, 6 and 9: what do they mean?

The fatty acids of the omega family are essential for health but each of the three types is different and it's important to consume them in the right proportions. Cycling…

Don't let age slow you down

Don’t let age slow you down

As the years tick by and your birthday cake becomes a towering inferno, it's natural to start worrying about your cycling prowess. But as Andrew Hamilton explains, smart-training cyclists have…

Weight loss

Detraining: good or bad?

When we are forced to take time off the bike, what is the cost to our fitness? Andrew Hamilton investigates...

What Friends Are For

What friends are for

When Colin Knight’s wife Bev died of cancer his bike buddy Mike Jones knew what would help him deal with his grief. Aged 73 and 60 respectively they started cycle

Plan your training

Training: Plan your training…

Making the most of your training diary is key to having a successful and healthy year. Follow these important points plan your way to success

Weight watching can be easy

Dodge winter weight gains

Fighting the urge to fill up on comfort food? Laura Tilt tells you how to prevent your waistline from expanding out of control this winter