Cold, winter weather riding

Winter bike set-up: advice from the experts

Staying fit through winter requires commitment and determination. One way to make it easier is with a dedicated winter bike, but what’s the best way to set it up?

Jack Pullar in pain, National Hill-Climb Championships 2012

When pain means no gain

When do you grit your teeth and ride through the pain and when do you concede that to carry on is to damage your body?

Turbo training

Zero in on… Turbo Training

Turbo-training isn't a poor second best to road riding, CW shows you how to revolutionise your indoor pursuits

Taking on the pros

Taking on the pros

A gutsy pair of CW staffers take on an elite cyclist in a gruelling round of physiological tests at Loughborough University

Eric Rowsell, Coming back from injury

Break with tradition

The Collarbone is the most frequently broken bone in cycling - but that doesn't mean every case is straightforward

Training through the ages

Training through the ages

For as long as there have been bikes to race on, there have been training methods. You probably think a lot has changed in the ‘science' of bike training, right?…

winter cycling

Fuel your winter

Winter is a stressful time for the body or at least it can be if certain steps aren't taken to ensure optimal health

Fitness project 2012

Fitness Project 2012: Final Analysis

Earlier in the year we asked you to send in your goals for 2012. We then chose four lucky readers and paired each of them off with an expert committed…