Q&A: avoiding cramp

Ray Duffy suffers from cramp like symptoms during his long rides, BC coach Rob Mortlock helps out...

Joe Perrett, winner, National 25-mile time trial championships 2013

My week in training: Joe Perrett

After spending time at British Cycling's Under-23 Academy, Joe Perrett rode his first season as a professional this year. He chatted to Louise Mahé as he kept himself ticking over…

Bad back

Back pain from riding your bike?

Allan suffers from short term back pain after spending some time on the bike, could this be down to your core not being strong enough? BC coach Rob Mortlock trys…

Turbo interval training

Mix-up your training to get fitter, faster

Churning out the miles is a great way to get fit, but to really step up you will need to mix-up your training with intervals, Andrew Hamilton explains