Perfect your pedalling

How to improve your pedalling technique

Power = torque x speed: but many people are only strong during a small part of the pedal stroke. Weight training can increase strength and efficiency during the whole stroke.…

which food boost weight loss

Which foods boost weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss, not all diets are created equal. We investigate the foods scientifically proven to streamline your shape


Coping with injury

Tempted to ride through your injury and see if it heals itself? Stop right there! You could worsen the condition and spend a lot more money at the physio in…

The Holy Trinity of training

The three basic training principles

Embarking on a training programme can be fraught with pitfalls and conflicting advice. So where do you start? Coach Huw Williams outlines the three basic training principles that will get…

Rohan Dennis, Australian time trial national champs 2013

Aero advantage v overheating

Is it worth wearing an aero helmet? Andrew Hamilton finds out if overheating due to wearing an aero helmet hinders performance...


Q&A: Turbo or Rollers?

Huw Williams tells Ken, how to use his time wisely using an indoor trainer

SiS Nitrate Gel

Nitrate: the new super-source?

Earlier this year, SiS released a brand new gel called Go Nitrate to the sports nutrition market. It's the first of its kind containing naturally occurring nitrates and has got…

Top ten core work outs

Top ten core drills

Give your cycling a rock-solid base by ticking off Chris Pritchard's ultimate workouts

38 ways to go faster

38 ways to go faster!

Rebecca and Huw talk us through 38 ways to go faster both in massive increments and marginal gains