Rapha Condor

Nail a 1-hour circuit race

Short road races are all about high-intensity bursts of maximal effort followed by fast recovery where you do as little work as possible then repeat.

Hilly Sportive

Survive a hilly cyclo-sportive

Hone your aerobic endurance, motivation to keep going for several hours, efficient hill climbing and group riding.

The Holy Trinity of training

The three basic training principles

Embarking on a training programme can be fraught with pitfalls and conflicting advice. So where do you start? Coach Huw Williams outlines the three basic training principles that will get…


Q&A: Turbo or Rollers?

Huw Williams tells Ken, how to use his time wisely using an indoor trainer


Why core strength is important for cyclists

Cycling prowess is about more than just leg power: resistance training will help build the muscles that keep you stable in the saddle while increasing metabolic health and bone density,…

Weight loss

Detraining: good or bad?

When we are forced to take time off the bike, what is the cost to our fitness? Andrew Hamilton investigates...