Joe Perrett, winner, National 25-mile time trial championships 2013

My week in training: Joe Perrett

After spending time at British Cycling's Under-23 Academy, Joe Perrett rode his first season as a professional this year. He chatted to Louise Mahé as he kept himself ticking over…

Turbo interval training

Mix-up your training to get fitter, faster

Churning out the miles is a great way to get fit, but to really step up you will need to mix-up your training with intervals, Andrew Hamilton explains


Q&A: train for a training camp

Alan is filled with tredpidaton ahead of his first training camp in Majorca next year, Rob Mortlock tells him how to prepare

off season, beach

How do you wind down after a busy season?

The arrival of winter doesn't mean your cycling has to stop and your hard-earned fitness has to melt away. A brief pit stop will renew your zest for cycling and…

winter riding

Ride to work for winter fitness

Commuting during winter is a great way to stay fit, and need not be cold or dangerous - provided you prepare thoroughly


Training with power

Power meters can offer a more precise way of getting fit - we go to TrainSharp's 
fitness headquarters to find out how to use the data