Group Tests

Bikes, cycling kit and clothing tested together to give you a better understanding of what is best for you. Compare bikes and products to their competitors before buying


Bike test: £1,500 road bikes

This is an incredibly popular price point and competition is fierce, so you can expect a quality bike for your money. Carbon-fibre is the dominant frame material — and high-modulus…


Group test: Road shoes under £100

With summer finally here, it’s time to ditch the overshoes and, more than likely, those well-worn, nostril-offending bacteria farms that lie beneath. If you’ve been riding through the winter then…


Ultegra 11-speed race bikes

It’s all well and good if you’re a sponsored pro rider and you can have the best of the best — even the lowliest riders on a squad will have…

13 track pump test

Grouptest: track pumps

The track pump is probably the most used bit of equipment, so Rob Hoyles finds the best...

Seven of the best cycle mini pumps

7 of the best cycle mini pumps

Even the toughest tyres can't guarantee you won't puncture this winter. A mini-pump can't either, but it can guarantee you're not left stranded in the cold. We take a look…

Charge Grater 3, Cycling Active hybrids test

Charge Grater 3 vs Orbea Carpe H20

Summary The gearing of most bikes involves two or three chainrings to give a decent spread of ratios, but on a city bike, one ring may be all you need.…