Seven of the best cycle helmets go head-to-head


Seven of the best cycle helmets go head-to-head



There is a massive selection of helmets available within this price range, so simply making it into our final seven is an achievement in itself. None of these helmets would leave you disappointed and all offer great value for money.

But there has to be a winner and we are nothing if not thorough in our tests. While we couldn?t find anyone willing to ride flat-out, headfirst into our publishing director?s company car, the knowledge that all seven helmets met the CE standards enabled us to tick the safety boxes without losing one of our interns.

So, on smart features, ease of use, looks, finish and comfort it came down to a predictably close contest for podium honours with Specialized?s excellent S3 narrowly beating the Rudy Project Sterling, in turn just edging out the Cratoni Bullet.

  • Jonny Wing

    I’ve had this helmet for about a month now and to be totally honest i’m nonplussed about it overall.

    As I am, shall we say “follically-challenged” i find that i have to wear a buff under the helmet as it starts to rub against the back of my head around the roc-loc retention area on longer rides.

    Additionally, while I find the fit overall Ok, it does make my head look rather like a mushroom.

    On the positive side, the helmet does feel secure and sits relatively comfortably on my head and the ventilation is fantastic.

    I was choosing between this and the Specialized Echelon and opted for the Saros, but in-retrospect I might have made the wrong decision for my situation…

  • Ken Evans

    As the heaviest helmet on test, some explanation of where the extra weight is would be useful. Is the helmet just bigger, or is the foam thicker, or denser ?