As the mercury plummets, clothing choices become more important if you want to keep riding in relative comfort ? we look at seven outer layers that could be your best friends this winter



There were two standout items in this test, but as ever there?s reason to mention a few others again, too. The simple dhb jacket is an example of how you can use a thermal jersey as part of a system with garments you may already have.

Endura?s Convert is the best example we?ve seen of the type with tiny, easily storable sleeves. Lastly, Etxeondo?s jacket is undoubtedly expensive, but considering the quality, the actual cost per wear over the 10 plus years it should last will be very low.

For the two ?winners?, a simple choice can be made depending on your riding. If you?re exclusively a road rider, the cut of the Giordana will suit best with its higher front and lower tail.

The Bontrager will be a better bet for those on a tighter budget and all-round cyclists. Subtle enough for any ride out to the pub or cafe and with its slightly squarer cut, it?s even tough enough for mountain biking, too. We love it when it?s such a simple choice!

  • thesnowmonster

    You can currently pick this up from Evans Cycles for £60. Given the surprising quality of this that is an absolute bargain! It’s super warm with just a base layer underneath and I’ve found the fit to be excellent particularly since Bontrager are marketing it as an MB jacket. The Orange is nice and visible as well without being (too) gaudy.

  • carlislemike

    Really bargain jacket. I have worn it with a decent baselayer on their own and it really worked for me. I have worn it with a windproof over jacket and I found that the oevr jacket really got wet on the inside back; says at lot for the sweat transference of the dhb Roubaix. I reackon it’s good value and would buy again.