Seven of the best stowaway cycling jackets


OneTen jacket, Lightweight jackets grouptest 2012 CA

One Ten Vento

Despite the comparative low budget cost, One Ten has concentrated a great deal of effort on detailed arm tailoring. The …Continue reading »
Score 7

Mavic jacket, Lightweight jackets grouptest 2012 CA

Mavic Helium

With its soft-lined collar, the Helium’s comfort factor is high, but that belies its super-light construction. The Dura Lite SL …Continue reading »
Score 8


The wide range in performance of the jackets is expected given the price differential but it is each company?s take on the stowaway jacket that surprised us the most.

Even at the lower price, companies are taking more care as to the tailoring of the garments and compared to the pac-a-macs of old, these latest high-tech rain jackets are a world apart.

There were two standout garments at two very differing price points. Madison?s Stratos offers very good weather resistance (admittedly at the expense of breathability) and the fit is excellent. Only the low-rent zipper prevented a top score.

At the other extreme, Rapha?s Wind Jacket is simply one of the best weather resistant pieces we?ve used. Impeccable fit, a good balance between rain-proofing and breathability with looks to match. If you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed.