Group Tests

Bibshort test: £0 - £70,

Bibshort test: £0 – £70

Summary Bibshorts are without doubt the staple item in any cyclist’s wardrobe, we’ve rounded up a massive range of bibshorts to meet every rider’s needs Products Verdict Finding bibshorts to…

Seven of the best Sunglasses,

Seven of the best sunglasses test

Summary A good pair of cycling sunnies is more than just a fashion statement they keep your eyes free of grit and dust and shield them from damaging UV rays…

Bibshorts, Seven of the best

Seven of the best – Bib shorts under £80

Summary Arguably the most important item in any cyclist’s wardrobe, this month we’ve gathered together seven brilliant bibshorts all punching well above their entry-level price tag Products Verdict With so…

American Classic Victory 30, Seven best wheelsets

Seven of the best upgrade wheels

The biggest and one of the easiest improvements you can make to your bike is swapping the wheels for a better set

Halfords puncture repair kit

7 of the best puncture repair kits

Punctured Inner Tube? Read Cycling Weekly's reviews and summaries of 7 Best Puncture Repair kits available for your bike

LG Carbon HRS 2

Carbon-soled road shoe test

Summary With a £200 budget, you’ve masses to choose from in the road shoe market. Where to begin? Our in-depth test examines 11 of the best Products Verdict First, let?s…

Minoura, Turbo trainer test

Turbo trainers: Seven of the best

Turbo training is an essential part of your training programme. Whether or not it’s maintaining a good level of fitness through the winter months, or putting the top end speed…

Genesis Volant 00, £600 bike test

£600 road bikes

Summary Two equally priced entry-level road bikes from opposite sides of the Atlantic go head to head: Genesis Volant 00 and GT GTR 5 Products Verdict The happiest outcome of…

BBB Controlshield, 7 of the best winter jackets

7 of the best winter jackets

Summary As the mercury plummets, clothing choices become more important if you want to keep riding in relative comfort ? we look at seven outer layers that could be your…

Norco Valence, sportive bikes

Sportive bikes under £1000

Summary Four bikes that will help knock out the miles, all under £1,000 Products Verdict I?m starting to feel a little guilty doing these bike tests because I haven?t really…