Summer tyres offer the best possible performance for the road. Tech editor Mike Hawkins takes us through seven of the best



We often end up pointing out that none of the products featured are duffers, and that?s never been truer than with this summer tyres test.

Even the Michelin, which scored seven, is a brilliant tyre; it?s just less versatile and best suited to certain conditions.

When it comes to all-round summer performance, we found the Ultremo to be the best here.

This tyre covered every base well, with no low points, and offered a great blend. Coming a close second was the Challenge Elite, which offers good value, but the odd puncture ? quite literally ? let it down.

Likewise, the Fortezza offers a good mix of attributes and throughout the test proved particularly strong at resisting debris.

  • Michael E. Miller

    A very nice tyre, but you get a very low mileage for the price. There are many other tyres on the market that are cheaper and better. I know because I have been keeping a check on my tyre use for over the past seven years.
    As Graeme wrote, you can get Car tyres much cheaper, okay the amount of rubber involved it not the issue.
    Most Road Bike tyres are Made in Thailand anyway, okay Conti are supposed to be Hand Made in Germany, not of much help if it only increases the price and not the quality!

  • Graeme

    £40+ for a BIKE tyre!!!…I can get a tyre for my car cheaper than that,and there`s a bit more rubber on a car tyre! :)
    I wouldn`t dream of paying that kind of brass,I`ve bought good secondhand vintage bikes cheaper. Some of you lads must have money to burn,£15 max for a bike tyre…

  • Ken Evans

    Veloflex make some “open tubulars”, from 145 grams to 205 grams, Vittoria also sell some tyres of less than 200 grams. And of course Conti do their Supersonic, at 145 grams.