A good pair of cycling sunnies is more than just a fashion statement they keep your eyes free of grit and dust and shield them from damaging UV rays



Although the glasses featured here are near the high end of the market, you can get eyewear for a modest price. Modern lens technology has hiked up the prices a little, but once you get settled into using a set of cycling sunnies, you’ll wonder why you never used them before, even during the winter. Oakley’s offering proves that when it comes to eyewear you really do get what you pay for. The Radarlock Path tested here ticks every box. Apart from looking great and feeling lightweight while retaining a robust feel, it also filters out 100 per cent of UV light and blue light up to a wavelength of 400nm. It’s a quality product and as such commands a premium price. At the other end of the spectrum is the Madison D’Arcs. For the £39.99 price, and bearing in mind that glasses are easily damaged, you can’t go wrong.