I’m riding to work this week. It’s shocking news that I don’t every day; the trouble is it’s just too easy to drive in. But such laziness is now a thing of the past, or at least until the end of National Bike Week, after which I won’t feel quite so guilty.

Over the years I’ve done more than my fair share of commuting, including a decade of struggling into cenral London from the Surrey countryside. That really was serious stuff, particularly during the years when home was at the summit of a one-in-six climb. It meant that I was freezing cold at the beginning of every ride and arrived home boiling hot every night.

Now I have the world’s easiest journey to work – seven miles, practically all downhill. Commuting to work is no problem, it’s getting home that’s the issue, a journey I like to complete in the shortest possible time.

But that’s enough complaining. The weather forecast is good enough and it doesn’t even get dark until about 9.30pm, so I’m all out of excuses.

Add in my usual weekend ride and before you know it I might even start to get fit!

Robert Garbutt

Editor, Cycling Weekly

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