Feature: Cape Rouleur

The group of champions.’ They were my riding companions in the Cape Rouleur, HotChillee’s answer to an international stage race for club riders, contested over four days in the hot…


Dr. Hutch: The history of the bicycle

That the incredibly complicated steam train was invented before the incredibly simple bicycle is something I’ve mentioned before. I make no apology for bringing it up again, because I feel…


Dr. Hutch: cycling on motorways

You’ll have noticed the press reports last week about a cyclist on the M25. Newspapers just love a bike rider on a motorway; someone doing something illegal, stupid and dangerous…

Dr. Hutch

Dr. Hutch: middle-aged cyclist

I had a birthday a little while back, which prompted the wife of a friend to postulate aloud: “I think you’re now middle-aged enough to be 
a proper Lycra warrior.”…