Luke Evans and Graham Watson, Tour de France 2013, stage nine

Tour de France moto blog 2013

From Moto 514, Luke Evans, the driver of CW photographer Graham Watson's motorbike at the 2013 Tour de France

Dr. Hutch, walking

Dr. Hutch: walking is a last resort…

cyclists resort to walking only in the direst situations. When the Doc finds his mate Bernie plodding along the roadside, he knows something is seriously wrong...


Dr Hutch: will the Tour be boring?

This week the Doc laments a lacklustre Giro, prays that the Tour de France doesn't get beaten black and blue and that our great British hopes go downhill quickly...


Dr. Hutch: water boy

What's under your jersey? Nothing but a pilfered newspaper, if you're following the Doc's professional advice...

Robert Garbutt

Snow joke

Farcical Giro weather was just not sporting