Dr. Hutch: why bother training?

During the dark, cold, wet days of winter, I ride my bike only when I feel like it. I’m neither a professional cyclist nor a psychotic masochist (a Venn diagram…

Dr. Hutch

Dr. Hutch: don’t want to hear it

I  am a man with few human weaknesses. I spent years as a full-time bike rider, during which I bowed to no one in the single-mindedness of my overtraining, or…

UC Nantes Atlantiques

Doug Dewey blog: a weekend of re-remembering

Last week I whizzed down to Spain, for a week long training camp with UC Nantes Atlantiques. It went well! After the long drive down, we shacked up in a…

Dr. Hutch: Competitive cyclists

Competitive cyclists possess many of the skills prized in the workplace... shame they are too busy recovering to utilise them, muses the Doc