Dr. Hutch

Dr. Hutch: don’t want to hear it

I  am a man with few human weaknesses. I spent years as a full-time bike rider, during which I bowed to no one in the single-mindedness of my overtraining, or…

UC Nantes Atlantiques

Doug Dewey blog: a weekend of re-remembering

Last week I whizzed down to Spain, for a week long training camp with UC Nantes Atlantiques. It went well! After the long drive down, we shacked up in a…

Dr. Hutch: Competitive cyclists

Competitive cyclists possess many of the skills prized in the workplace... shame they are too busy recovering to utilise them, muses the Doc

Simon Gerrans, Tour Down Under press conference 2014

Waiting for the WorldTour

Riders assemble in Adelaide for the 2014 WorldTour season opener. For some, it's a new experience, for others it's back to business