Dr. Hutch

Dr. Hutch: the fitness regime

New training regimes may promise miracle results but in reality the fitness gains are far more mundane, says the Doc

Dr Hutch

Dr Hutch: Impressing non-cyclists

Hoping to wow a non-cyclist with tales of your riding prowess? Don’t bother, says the Doc, they will not be impressed


Spring has sprung

Lovely weather for the Cycling Weekly Surrey Hills Cyclone Sportive on Sunday, April 21


Dr. Hutch: Horses

Horses. Not only do they cheat their way into our lasagnas and lay steaming hazards on our roads; they dodge taxes and rob donkeys too - according to the Doc

Dr. Hutch, cycling hurts

Dr. Hutch: Cycling hurts

Cycling often hurts, but it isn't physical, reckon scientists, and the Doc agrees: it's a sensation doled out by a guv'nor of grimacing in our heads

Robert Garbutt

Eight is great

Yesterdays top tech is today's budget option

cyclo-sportive, hell of the ashdown 2009,.jpg

The Day Hell Froze Over

Andy Lulham's experiences at the 2013 Hell of the Ashdown in Kent in February

dr hutch

Dr. Hutch: It’s not fair

It's not fair, ventures the doc, that seamen have their own bespoke weather forecast while we cyclist have to make do with Tomasz Schafernaker's vague prognostications

Sarah Storey and gold medal, London 2012 Paralympic Games, track day three afternoon

Increasing your pedalling speed

In the first of a series of blogs, Paralympic multi-champion Dame Sarah Storey outlines how to improve your riding

dr. hutch

Dr. Hutch: cycle safety

When it comes to cycle safety provision one local council thought of everything a cyclist might need, reports the Doc. Then they did the opposite

Robert Garbutt

Ride with CW

Beautiful route and great company: what's not to like?

Iberostar Hotel, Playa de Muro

Postcard from Majorca

Majorca Postcard: train both like and with the pros at the Iberostar Playa de Muro