Dr. Hutch

Dr. Hutch: bike set-up

The doc lays bare his bafflement at how everyone else's bikes are so uncomfortably, inanely and, above all, incorrectly set up

Dr Hutch with Oprah

Dr. Hutch: Lance and Oprah

The doc is anticipated Oscar-winning performances all round when Lance went head-to-head with Oprah

Dr hutch

Dr. Hutch: old dog new tricks…

You really shouldn’t try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs, nor your father to clean bicycles — or you’ll find yourself stumped when it comes to Christmas gift ideas…

Dr. Hutch goes off road

Dr. Hutch: The god of mud…

The god of mud is displeased - which means that the Doc must sacraficed yet another virgin tubeless tyre...

Etape du Tour 2010 Andy McGrath at the top of the Col du Tourmalet.jpg

A first taste of Gabon

Andy McGrath writes from the Amissa Bongo stage race in the Gabon, Africa