Dr. Hutch goes off road

Dr. Hutch: The god of mud…

The god of mud is displeased - which means that the Doc must sacraficed yet another virgin tubeless tyre...

Etape du Tour 2010 Andy McGrath at the top of the Col du Tourmalet.jpg

A first taste of Gabon

Andy McGrath writes from the Amissa Bongo stage race in the Gabon, Africa

Dr hutch - uci hotline

Dr. Hutch: UCI anti-doping hotline…

You've reached the UCI Anti Doping Hotline. While you're waiting for our next available operator, please enjoy this panpipes rendition of The Verve's ‘Drugs don't work'. Hold please...


Dr. Hutch: nerdy cyclists

Thinking about cycling all the time shouldn't make you feel like nerd, says the Doc - at one time it was an essential elemet of training

Michael Hutchinson, champion of champions, CTT Champions' Night 2010

Dr. Hutch: hatred towards cyclists

We must thank the random lunatics who hate cyclists - without them we would all be living in one giant hippy nudist colony