Despite the snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures gripping the UK this week, many of you still managed to get out and ride.

We asked Cycling Weekly’s Twitter followers to send in their snowy riding photos, and here’s a selection of the best.

If you’ve got a snowy riding photo to add to the gallery – tweet it to us at @CyclingWeekly.

Sarah C-P ‏@sallycp11

chasing the sledge #dedication #cycling

Warren Langler Watts ‏@WozTown

#TDF2014 King of the Mountains highlight #snowpics

@olliemitchell Ollie Mitchell

3 hours out in the Hampshire Hills

Keith A McRae ‏@GKam84

Yup, I’ve was out on Friday, nothing over Sat and Sun, the snow is just to deep here, its over a foot

@kevindennett Kevin Dennett

Rode 40 miles off road to our normal road ride cafe for a coffee. Thermal bidon had hot ribena in it!!

@Donut68 Andy C

#snowpics new forest mtb’ing for me!

Sara Crumpton ‏@2wheelerwidow

My daughter down the canal tow path today!

Alex Anderson ‏@mrandersonalex

you bet!

the cycling pianist ‏@cyclingpianist

#snowpics Nothing stops the @cyclingpianist getting to work! #bigfatknoblytyres

Steve Hudson ‏@dashood

#snowride #northyorkshire #mtb

@Andy_LJP Andrew Gajda

above Loch Ness. Not too deep snow, but brilliantly fast trails #snowpics

@KCBond007 KB


Michael Patterson ‏@pattoupnorth

Taking a break from an icy ride with @jame5_allen on an abandoned armchair. #snowpics

@Duckegg75 Graham Dickens

2 and a bit hours in the snow yesterday #snowpics

@Kevinwoodley Kevin Woodley

nice ride along the ridgeway..oh and nice puncture on the ice #snow #fun

  • Mr Lawrence

    Please view this link for information and the research paper to which I refer:

  • Mr Lawrence

    Whilst this is all a bit of fun there is a serious side to this. In recent evidence presented to the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Commission and evidence undertaken by NHS Bristol, 26% of all non-collision cycling injuries are caused by sliding on ice. The cost to the NHS can’t entirely be assessed, but it is likely to be millions of pounds every year, and the impact upon personal welfare and the economy (in terms of working days lost) is high.

    Anecdotal evidence amongst my own friend group already has one seasoned cyclist nursing 3 broken fingers and another with bruises and a severely blue behind during the last two days of this cold snap, leaving a primary school with no teacher and my friend unable to ride for at least the next 2 weeks.

    Whilst it may be fun to go out cycling in the snow, it is very unsafe to do so and people should exercise some restraint and caution – take the bus, get on the turbo or do something else!