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Chainline efficiency featured image

Should you worry about chainline efficiency?

First things first: it helps to understand what chainline is and why it’s important. The term itself seems relatively self-explanatory: the line in which your chain runs in any given…


Now it’s cheaper to ride like Cipo

Mario Cipollini has always been known for his flamboyance and that’s carried over into the bikes which bear his name, which are definitely built for the racer. They’ve been an…

SIEBERG Marcel001p

How do riders start their off-seasons?

For many riders, the season is now over. All the pedalling in anger has finished and it’s time top put their feet up for a few days before starting their…

Undulating climb ascent varying gradient

How to ride an undulating gradient

Should you focus on going harder on the steep sections or the flatter sections of an undulating road? And would you even know if you were pushing too hard when…