A 40-year-old man has died after crashing on a descent in Richmond Park, London, on Sunday morning.

The man lost control of his bike on a patch of gravel on the descent of Broomfield Hill, according to the London Evening Standard.

Oliver Prior, who witnessed the incident, said that the man fell and hit his head after his wheels slipped on the gravel. No other person or vehicle was involved in the incident, and the man was wearing a helmet.

“We were coming up the hill, and the man was coming down on the outside of the bend where the road has the most amount of gravel. His bike slipped from underneath him and he fell and hit his head,” Prior told the Evening Standard.

A passing doctor put the man into the recovery position. He was taken by air ambulance to the Royal London Hospital but later died.

  • markinsheen

    This is a tragedy, but not an accident. The roads and tracks of Richmond Park are not looked after as they should be. Instead the Park authorities are fixated on putting cyclists off, installing speed bumps with the police doing nothing to clamp down on drivers overtaking too slowly, too close and cutting in – all because of an obsession with a 20mph speed limit. The Park needs to clean up its act – literally or more will be killed and injured.

    • John canrideabike

      What are you on about.why on earth should they clear gravel away and what u have speed bumps got to.with it.sounds more like he was going too fast for his skills.a common occurrence lately with the new cyclists who would benefit from joining proper clubs

      • Andrew John

        Anyone who has ever been ridden a bike in Richmond park or any city/ park with cars will notice is how dangerous slow overtaking is. Although no car was involved this time, it is still the biggest hazard to cyclists. This is a tragedy and a road sweep of the park should be done at least every week. I agree, speed could have been a big factor on this occurrence, no bigger than the factor of the gravel however.

      • markinsheen

        Why do you think? You sound like the current breed of cycling-snob. They should clear gravel away on the roads because it is a hazard. The Park roads are not the Paris-Roubaix. According to witnesses this chap was not riding too fast. As for joining ‘proper clubs’ since I started training in Richmond Park 20 years ago I have seen the rise of clubs, many of which are full of testosterone fuelled amateurs with no road sense. I was relieved to get back to racing in Europe. Many these ‘thugs’ have day jobs as bullying City managers (I know) who think they can continue to bully their way on the roads of London and the South-East. Now, getting back to gravel on the roads – it is a hazard along with potholes, branches and dead animals. It is not a ‘feature’. If you want features ride on the off-road trails. Even they though are poorly maintained and are a unfit for use in parts. Remember too the Park is for general use, not a rich-boys playground. it should be safe for all.

        • JP

          Can’t understand the point your are making about speed restrictions in the park. It’s there for the safety of all – not as something to irritate you treating the park as a velodrome. Sounds like you would be better off back “racing” on the continent