The world’s first ‘smart’ bike light has just been launched and it promises to automatically provide exactly the right mode of lighting you need in any given situation.

The See.Sense range of front and rear lights look just like normal lights, but they use advanced sensor technology to monitor the rider, the bike and the environment to provide the most suitable function.

So, for example, they can identify when you’re approaching a junction, or when you’re riding in shadow, or if there are approaching car headlights, and react by flashing brighter and faster.

See Sense is the brainchild of Philip McAleese, a long-time cycle commuter who was hospitalised following an accident. “My dream was to create a light that was really attention grabbing, even in daylight,” Philip said.

“It had to be compact and convenient too. Light performance is usually a trade-off between high brightness, long runtime and compactness.

See.Sense breaks this rule by using its power intelligently, enabling it to be bright when you need it and still have a long runtime in a small package.”

See.Sense is being launched on the Kickstarter crowd-funding website. The lights cost from £35, and you can only order them until November 8.

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