Winter group by Chris Catchpole

Which type of winter cyclist are you?

Following on from our very unscientific polls to find out what type of cyclist you are and which kind of bike you should own, we’re now trying to see which winter…

Giro d'Italia - Stage 2

UCI WorldTour calendar 2016

Full list of events in the top-level professional cycling race calendar, the UCI WorldTour


Seven tips to get your bike ready for winter

Months of riding in wet conditions can do some serious damage to your bike. To help make riding throughout the winter more pleasurable, whether you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated…

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The 12 most viewed cycling videos of 2015

Cycling Weekly brings you the best cycling videos week in week out. Of these we could throw together a ‘Best Ten Ever Videos!’ however when it comes to discussing the…

Enve U shaped rims

Should you be riding U-shaped deep section rims?

When aero wheels first adorned the bikes of professionals, and rich amateurs, they were not the same shape as they are today. Round, yes, but the similarity ended there. The…