The best deals on quality Italian kit that the internet has to offer right now

Seeing the little scorpion logo of Castelli on a piece of clothing is usually a sign of some high quality kit, but unfortunately that usually means that it comes with a high price tag too.

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The good news is that the big internet retailers usually offer some pretty tasty discounts, especially on last season’s kit, so we’ve rounded up 12 of the best deals on offer right now.

Misto Pocketable Stretch rain jacket for £47.99

A good option for spring, this. Especially when those seasonal showers are threatening.

It’s lightweight and stuffs right down, making it super easy to carry around in a jersey pocket.

Buy now: Castelli Misto Pocketable jacket from Evans Cycles for £47.99 (down from £119)

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Imprevisto Nano water-repellant jersey for £47.99

Another great piece of Spring riding kit when you’re likely to get wet on the bike.

Currently, these are discount anywhere between £47.99-£63.99 so grab a bargain while you can.

Buy now: Imprevisto Nano jersey for £47.99 from Evans Cycles (down from £80)

Nanoflex two padded bib-short

What’s great about the Nanoflex short is that it has added thermal protection and its water resistant.

This makes it great for those early morning spring rides, or changeable sportives.

Buy now: Castelli Nanoflex 2 padded bib-short from Evans Cycles for £67.99 (down from £84.99)

Gabba 2 Jersey

Review: Castelli Gabba 2 jacket

When we had the Gabba jersey in for test it earned itself a 10/10 rating and it’s easy to see why.

Granted, this one is the short sleeve version, but it still comes the same features that made its long armed brethren so good.

In particular, the Gore Windstopper Fabric that makes it the benchmark for other all weather tops.

Buy now: Castelli Gabba 2 jacket from Chain Reaction Cycles for £91 (down from £140)

Women’s Gabba windproof jersey

The female equivalent of the superb Gabba jersey (above).

It’s currently over 50% off in the purple colour, making it an absolute steal now for your spring riding.

Buy now: women’s Gabba jersey from Evans Cycles for £55.99 (down from £111)

Castelli Nanoflex knee warmer

Review: Castelli Nanoflex knee warmer

It’s almost Spring, right? Sure, so treat yourself to some of the right Spring kit.

These knee warmers are great for those in between days and they’re even better when they’re half price.

We’ve reviewed them and reckon their excellently warm and water repellent with improved comfort, too.

Buy now: Castelli Nanoflex knee warmer from Evans Cycles for £14.99 (down from 29.99)

Castelli Velo Vest

Review: Castelli Velo Vest

When we reviewed Castelli’s Velo Vest we thought that it could quite easily become a key addition of your cycling wardrobe.

It’s the perfect fit for those classically British winter days – cool, damp and windy.

Buy now: Castelli Velo Vest from Evans Cycles for £45.49 (d0wn from £64.99)

Women’s Alpha Jacket AW16 for £143

The Alpha Jacket is neat in that the outer waterproof layer is detachable from the inner.

This makes it easy to vent on long climbs by just unzipping the outer, before zipping it up again for the descent.

Buy now: Alpha Jacket from Chain Reaction Cycles for £143 (down from £220)

Perfetto Long Sleeve Jersey for £122.99

So named because it is perfect, apparently. While we’ve not had chance to test this one, it does have some pretty neat features.

The Italian brand has made it more waterproof as well as redesigned the tail so it should sit flatter.

Buy now: Castelli Perfetto from Evans Cycles for £122.99 (down from £174.99)

Quindici Soft Wool Sock for £12.79

Treat your feet to a nice soft pair of socks. It’s made from merino wool so it’ll keep your toes nice and toasty.

Buy now: Castelli Quindici Soft Wool Sock from Wiggle for £10.39 (down from £16.00)