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Buyer’s guide to rear lights

If you’re looking to ride through the winter, then you’re really going to need some good lights to attach to your bike. While you’ll be buying a front light to…

Michelin Pro4 Endurance 28mm tyres by Jack Elton-Walters 2

Buyer’s guide to road bike tyres (video)

It can be tricky to know which road bike tyre is best suited to your riding, so we’ve devised a guide to sort the puncture protection from the rolling resistance…


Six things to see at the Cycle Show this weekend

The new Canyon Speedmax? One of the first things we spotted was Canyon’s new prototype time trial and triathlon bike, that we expect will replace the current Speedmax in 2016.…


Hunt Bike Wheels extends its disc wheelset options

Hunt’s first four wheelsets were introduced in the spring. There were three rim braked wheelsets as well as the Mason x Hunt disc braked wheels which were designed for Mason…