Our pick of the best cycling shoe deals the internet has to offer

A good pair of cycling shoes can make a big difference to your riding, giving a better, more comfortable fit, or giving a super-stiff sole for improved power transfer to get you a second or two closer to that KOM you covet.

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We’ve traulled the internet to bring you the best deals on cycling shoes, so you don’t have to break the bank in picking up a great pair.


Giro Espada Women’s road shoes – £80 (reduced from £159.99)

giro espada women's shoes

You’d expect to see most shoes with a discount this big to only be available in a very limited range of sizes, but Wiggle has the elegant white Giro Espada shoes in most sizes from 36 to 42.

Shimano R107 road shoes – £56.38 (reduced from £99.99)


We loved the Shimano R107 shoes when we reviewed them a couple of years ago, and thankfully nothing’s really changed. Apart from the priced that is, which is seriously good for comfortable shoe that also has the option of using two-bolt cleats.

Chain Reaction Cycles

Diadora Mig Racer CR road shoes – £49.99 (reduced from £229.99)

diadora mig racer road shoes

No, that’s not a typo, Chain Reaction really is selling these shoes with a whopping 78 per cent discount. So 50 quid for a pair of shoes with a carbon sole and the Cadel Evans stamp of approval. Just watch out, Diadora shoes generally come up quite wide.

Mavic Pro Road shoes – £71.99 (reduced from £180)

mavic pro road shoes

The Mavic Pro Road shoes have been around for three years now, but despite beginning to look a little bit dated and being usurped by Mavic’s new Ksyrium shoe range, the performance and value cannot be knocked.

Evans Cycles

Specialized Women’s Ember road shoes – £59.99 (reduced from £130)

specialized women's ember road shoes

With a Boa dial and two Velcro straps combined with a nylon sole, the Specialized Women’s Ember road shoes promise plenty of adjustability, while not being super-stiff to the point of causing pain on longer rides.

Nortwave Sonic SRS road shoes – £69.99 (reduced from £99.99)

northwave sonic srs road shoes

These Northwave shoes look like the perfect choice for warmer conditions that are (hopefully) on their way, with extensive venting on the uppers, while the carbon reinforced sole should give decent power transfer too.

Cycle Surgery

Giro Treble II road shoes – £47.99 (reduced from £79.99)

giro treble ii road shoes

Not quite as bright as the Northwave shoe, these Giro shoes have three Velcro straps which not only helps to keep the price down, but also means they’re pretty light for the money too.

Tweeks Cycles

Diadora Vortex Pro road shoes – £104.35 (reduced from £233.59)

diadora vortex pro shoes

Another great deal on some Diadora shoes, this time from Tweeks Cycles. These shoes with a full carbon shoes and two Boa dials are the shoes of choice for most of the Movistar team, so to be able to pick them up for only a little over £100 seems outstanding value.


Northwave Extreme Winter GTX boots – £169.99 (reduced from £229.99)

northwave extreme winter gtx boot

If you’re looking for a pair of winter cycling shoes, then now is the time to buy them. Yes, you might not be able to test them out for nine months, but they’ll be a lot cheaper now than they will be come November.