The new Wilier Cento10 Air is 3% more aero than the Cento1. We rode it in Italy's Dolomites at the launch event.

We’ve already had a sneak peek at the Wilier Cento10 Air which Pippo Pozatto was riding in the Giro d’Italia in May. Now Wilier has officially launched the bike and we’ve tried it out in the Dolomites on some of the route of the Giro’s stage 14. Wilier was founded in 1906 and the Cento10 Air’s name reflects the brand’s 110th year.

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The most striking feature of the Wilier Cento10 Air is its Alabarda integrated bar and stem but there’s a lot of other tech which has gone into the new bike and Wilier has incorporated features from the design of its older race and time trial bikes.

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At the launch event, Wilier’s Product Marketing Manager Claudio Salomoni said that Wilier’s aim was to marry weight, integration and aerodynamics in the Cento10 Air.

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More aero

So all the frame tubes adopt NACA truncated aerofoil profiles, which are aerodynamic without greatly increasing weight or compromising rigidity. Wilier uses computational fluid dynamics to model airflow over its frames rather than wind tunnel testing. Its results suggest that the new frame is around 3% more aerodynamically efficient than its Cento1 Air.

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It has also moved the seatstay junction down the seat tube as far as the UCI allows to reduce frontal area. The seatstays bulge out at their tops too to smooth airflow over this area.

Bars have a wide flat top section

Bars have a wide flat top section

The Wilier Cento10 Air adopts direct mount brakes front and rear. This allows Wilier to use wider, thinner forks which have the double benefit of creating less drag between the blades and the spinning wheels and also allowing the bike to take 28mm tyres, although it is supplied with 25s. The direct mount brakes should also provide better power and modulation.

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There’s a custom truncated aerofoil seatpost too, with a single bolt head and 22mm setback, which is made for Wilier by Ritchey. It’s held in place by an expander with a concealed bolt. And Wilier uses a 86.5mm wide pressfit bottom bracket for good power transfer at the cranks and wide compatibility.

Aero front end includes Wilier's bespoke Alabarda bars and direct mount brakes

Aero front end includes Wilier’s bespoke Alabarda bars and direct mount brakes

The star of the integration show is the Alabarda bars, which you can read about in full detail here. All the cables apart from the front brake are routed internally through the frame and the Wilier Cento10 Air can be set up to work efficiently with mechanical and electronic groupsets from any of the big three suppliers. It’s also easy to fix an out front Garmin mount to the bars.

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Wilier quotes a frame weight of around 950g for the Cento10 Air, which is good for an aero frame and around 180g less than its Cento1 Air aerodynamic frame.

As well as its striking red frame, as ridden by Pozatto, there is a choice of three other colours including the rather nice white/orange/black/blue which we tested. Wilier will also offer the Cento10 Air in its Infinitamente bespoke colour programme.


I rode around 130km through the Dolomites on the Wilier Cento10 Air at the launch event, including both sides of the Passo Giau and the descent into Corbara. It’s an impressive bike with a solid direct feel on long climbs, but still compliant enough to feel comfortable over a long day.

Direct mount brakes sit on the lowered seatstays

Direct mount brakes sit on the lowered seatstays

The Alabarda bars feel a bit strange at first due to their wide flat profile, but I soon got used to them and they certainly help spread pressure on the hands when climbing on the tops.

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On more technical descents, the Wilier Cento10 Air felt really planted through steep, tightly linked hairpins, once the brakes had bedded in. It also handled really well on the straight flat-out bottom section off the Valparola into Corvara.

Prices and options

Wilier sells the Cento10 Air in a wide variety of specs. UK importer ATB Sales is offering the bike in Ultegra Di2 with DT Swiss RRC65 wheels at £5999, mechanical Ultegra with Mavic Cosmic Pros at £4799 and Campagnolo Chorus with Eurus wheels at £4599. Top of the tree is a Cento10 with SRAM eTap and RRC65 wheels priced at £7299.

All are available in all four stock colour options as well as via Wilier’s Infinitamente custom build service.

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    Aero frames are ok until a human gets on and rides and then it goes out of the window nice looking frame though pity about the groupset Italian designed frames should have Italian groupsets IMO.