Details of all of the 2017 Tour of Britain route, which runs from September 3 to 10

Rumours have begun circulating as to the 2017 Tour of Britain route, with the full announcement expected in the coming weeks.

Glasgow hosted the start of the race last year, and it was reported in 2015 that Scotland would once again host the race’s Grand Depart in 2017, with the country’s capital Edinburgh playing host.

Organisers SweetSpot have in previous years spent no more than two days in Scotland, and a photo on Twitter by the Tour Series – also run by SweetSpot – shows a map depicting a number of routes across the UK, with one appearing to start from just south of the border and ending by the Northumberland east coast.

This would suggest that the first stage will be held entirely in Scotland, with the second stage finishing in the north-east, which would tie in with previous comments by Northumberland councils who have repeatedly stated their aim to bring the national tour back to the region after hosting a stage finish in Blyth in 2015.

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From there, it looks like the race could resume, probably on stage three, in East Yorkshire and end in Lincolnshire. There is also a marked route starting in North Lincolnshire – perhaps Scunthorpe, which hosted the race’s start in 2009 – and heads due south. However, there are no council minutes that suggest Lincolnshire have bid for the race.

Ipswich Borough Council have already stated that one of their key events of the year is hosting a stage of the tour, although whether that’s a start or finish, and what stage it would be, has not been speculated.

The Tour of Britain route tends to spend a lot of time in the south-west of the country, and although the Exeter Express and Echo have reported that it won’t revisit Devon this September, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and south-east Wales are all very much in the running and appear on the aforementioned map.

Worcester City Council announced last October that they needed £80,000 to bring the race back to the city, having last held the start in 2014.

Meanwhile, successful hosts of last year’s race, Rhondda Cynon Taf council are aiming to bring the race back to the Cynon Valley in Wales once again. Stage five of the 2016 race, won by Jack Bauer, started in Aberdare Park and finished in Bath.

The map seemingly shows a route starting on the Welsh border and then ending in Worcester.

The nearby Cotswolds have also bid to host the race, with the idea being that the race would take in Tewkesbury before a finish in Cheltenham on the penultimate stage, Saturday, September 9, as documented in January 19 council minutes.

The final stage will be at the traditional circuit race around London, which was recently confirmed in a recent TfL document.

The 2017 race commences on Sunday, September 3 and finishes on Sunday, September 10.

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  • Andrew Bairsto

    I remember when there was no Tof B it is growing in popularity perhaps next year it will be ten days and then back to its original two weeks lets hope.

  • Andrew Bairsto

    The UK went metric years ago everything now on a bike is metric every engineering company is metric if you want to be a dinosaur please do but do it quietly and alone.

  • wattleberry

    There isn’t much kissing of the girls at the awards-British reserve ?

  • poisonjunction

    You seem to be a very young newbie . . . . using daddy’s computer? If you have nothing factual or anything much to contribute . . . . say nowt.
    Evidently not being a cyclist, if you opened your eyes before opening your mouth, you would see signpost’s show distances in miles, cycle computers measure in miles. Time to wake up, you want to go metric, go and live elsewhere . . . . you probably do.

  • bing

    Tour of britain, take it that the southwest is no longer britain..

  • Alexfc7

    Welcome to the 21st Century! We went Metric years ago……your Imperial Highness!!
    Don’t worry …….The referendum should be here ….soon enough for you 🙂

  • poisonjunction

    CW . . . . PLEASE this is the Tour of Britain, stop pandering to Europe and express distances in MILES!!!!!!!
    Next you’ll be quoting prize money in euro’s!!!

  • andreos

    i used to ride stage 2 as a school kid and lived in colne so know the area well.
    they could have added winewall to trawden that would have sorted the boys

  • andreos

    i used to ride stage 2 as a school kid and lived in colne so know the area well.
    they could have added winewall to trawden that would have sorted the boys

  • Mel_drew

    2014 was south west. Don’t be greedy. You want it on your doorstep every year?

  • David Bazely

    This web site is showing the London stage as SATURDAY 13th September. The 13th is SUNDAY

  • Paul Jennings

    Should rename it tour of north Britain. Totally disappointing that no stages in the southwest.

  • Robert Bury

    I cycle round these very routes a lot. I absolutely adore the scenery around there, especially Pendle and Dunsop Bridge. Cant bloody wait! Nick o’Pendle should be interesting too!

  • The Bolton Bullet

    On my “doorstep” ! Can’t wait!

  • Mark Jones

    I’ve seen it described on another website as a relatively flat stage!!

  • Mark Jones

    I really like the look of stage two and it will be great to see the race going through places I used to ride when living back in lovely Lancashire. Some of these stages should look great on the TV and hopefully there will be great racing throughout just like last year’s race.

  • barry davies

    Think somebody needs to ride a bike on stage one – ‘couple of climbs’ !!!

  • J M

    Yippee a date for the diary!