Puncture proof? We install solid tyres

Tannus are a Korean company, making solid rubber tyres that last 6,000 miles. And because the tyres are solid, there is literally no chance you will get puncture. It’s impossible.…


Glow in the dark components from 3T

Whether it’s the desire to be visible on the roads after dark, or some sort of 1980s fashion flashback, there’s no doubting the fact that hi-vis is the colour to…


Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for your bike

If you think you’ve had a hard year, spare a thought for your bike. All those miles you’ve put into your legs since January will have also put a massive…


Christmas Gift Guide: Main Presents

There is such a vast array of expensive cycling products on the market these days that it can be hard to know what you should splash out on as a…


How to pack your bike for travelling

Whether it’s to get to an organised event, meet a group ride, travel abroad or simply to go in search of some new roads, you’re going to have to travel…


How to avoid getting your bike stolen

You can be the fittest rider in the world, with the best prepared bike, but it all comes to nothing if your cycle is stolen. Here’s how to avoid it…


Little cyclist metal figures

Hand-painted and made in France, 'little cyclists' have been a sought-after gift for big cyclists since the 1950s

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Just In – Alé show us their new winter range

It’s pronounced ‘Allez’, not ‘Ale’. Now that’s cleared up, lets get on with looking at the new Italian brands range of winter clothing. The name Alé might be new, but…


Essax Shark finned saddle hits UK shores

It’s rare that a saddle raises eyebrows in quite the same way as the Shark saddle from Spanish brand Essax. The central fin might promote a few sniggers from the…