CW's tech team take a look at the lastest from French bike brand TIME

brooks, brixton bag

Can't find a Christmas gift for the cyclist in your life? Struggling to fill your own wish list? Here are a few ideas...

Swift Carbon bikes

CW takes a look at Mark Blewett's Swift Carbon Bikes

Lapierre Xelius EFI200

CW takes a look at the Lapierre's flagship Xelius model

Assos ClimaX Porject

CW takes a look at the wet weather range from Assos called the ClimaX Project

Fizik Arione

The iconic long saddle, which forced a UCI rule change when it appeared 10 years ago, has just been revamped

Weldtite cleaning kit

New cleaning kits from Weldtite to help you and your bike through the winter months

Aero Helmets of the ages

CW takes a look at the evolution of 'those pointy hats' over the last three decades