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7 of the Best CO2 inflators

7 of the best: CO2 inflators

Seven of the best CO2 cartridge systems appraised and rated by Dan Duguid, who thinks there's a place for CO2 in everyone's seat pack.

Igleheart Rough Stuff

bike we like: Igleheart Rough Stuff £3,300

15th September 2010 With a mixture of SRAM’s road and off-road components, this machine is designed for asphalt, gravel or mud and promises good old-fashioned fun.

BMW Cruise

The cheapest way to own a BMW

14th September 2010 According to BMW, “The bike’s extraordinary colour was inspired by the legendary BMW 1802 from the 1970s." They're hedging their bets with quieter options, too.

7 of the best indoor trainers

7 of the best: indoor trainers

2nd September 2010 Indoor trainers enable you to keep riding even when the weather outdoors is foul. You can concentrate on quality over quantity with a proper workout programme and…

Cervelo, Eurobike 2010

Eurobike 2010 Report: Day two

Thursday: After the initial disorientation of an ever-expanding and crowded Eurobike venue, today it was down to the serious business of finding the gems

Cannondale Bosch ebike, Eurobike 2010

Eurobike 2010 Report: Day one

Wednesday A carnival atmosphere in a booming bike market but that didn't stop the UCI from trying to spoil the fun

Charge_2011_Filter_Hi .jpg

Charge Bikes diversify in 2011

Known for its trend setting urban fixies and for bike models all named after domestic appliances, Charge is looking increasingly versatile while still keeping it fun