The London 2012 Olympic Games start on Saturday with the mens’ road race, the event that will show off London, and parts of Surrey, to a worldwide audience of millions.

Many of the riders travelled to their bases in Surrey in the 24 hours after the Tour de France, and will spend the next few days recovering from the previous three weeks and riding the crucial Box Hill loop, the centre piece of the road race.

>>>>Download our map of the Olympic road race route here (PDF)

The men’s race starts on the Mall at 10am before heading south-west to Richmond Park, Hampton court and West Byfleet before heading south to Shere and the North Downs. From there the races head east along the A25 to Dorking before hitting the 15.5k Box Hill loop.

The climb of Box Hill is, of course, ticketed but the rest of the 250km route is free to go and watch. Download our map for advice on where to stand and what time the men’s and women’s road races come through.

the women’s race follows the exact same route on Sunday (starting at midday) but will only do two laps of the Box Hill loop before heading back in to London.

Watch the video of the Box Hill loop

Click on the map to download it (PDF)

London 2012: Men’s cycling road race schedule

Times may be subject to change

10am – Start: The Mall

10.35am – Hampton Court Palace

10.45am – Walton-on-Thames

11.05am – Ripley Village

11.25am – Gomshall

11.30am – Westcott

11.35am – Dorking

11.40am – Box Hill: start of first lap

2.50pm – Box Hill: finish of last lap

3.05pm – Esher

3.10pm – Hampton Court Palace

3.15pm – Kingston Upon Thames

3.20pm – Richmond Park

3.30pm – Putney Bridge

3.35pm – Fulham

3.40pm – Finish: The Mall

London 2012: Women’s cycling road race schedule

Times may be subject to change

12noon – Start: The Mall

12.40pm – Hampton Court Palace

12.50pm – Walton-on-Thames

1.15pm – Ripley Village

1.40pm – Gomshall

1.50pm – Westcott

1.55pm – Dorking

2.00pm – Box Hill: start of first lap

2.50pm – Box Hill: finish of last lap

3.00pm – Esher

3.10pm – Hampton Court Palace

3.15pm – Kingston Upon Thames

3.20pm – Richmond Park

3.35pm – Putney Bridge

3.40pm – Fulham

3.45pm – Finish: The Mall

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